Winner of Two Emmy Awards!
"Listening to Mark Lewis tell stories is like seeing fireflies for the very first time"

Storytelling with Mark Lewis

Mark Lewis has been a professional storyteller for 30 years, performing all across the United States as well as Europe and the British Isles. His goal is to re-awaken the age-old art of storytelling in the high-tech world of today, reintroducing this world to its imagination.

Mark is a master of "old-wave special effects," and his unique talents of weaving Word Pictures with movement, music and sound effects will enchant audiences of young and old alike. Drawing from a wealth of original material, Mark inspires his listeners, and each person comes away with a new understanding of their own innate creative abilities.

This video contains two of Mark's original stories: "Down the Hall Behind" and "The Mermaid's Myth." Also included in this performance are "Sibling Blues" and "Johnny Sands," two songs featuring the musical mastery of Craig Coulter.

"Mark Lewis can stand up in front of an audience of 300 adults and in two minutes have them all believing that they are five years old."
Word Pictures with Mark Lewis
Michael Hirsh, Producer
Elizabeth Spray, Co-Producer
Dick Carter, Director
Recorded with a live audience at WTTW/Chicago
September, 1988
©1989 WTTW/Chicago
Running Time: 55 min
Available for $20.00
plus $2.50 S&H

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Mark Lewis and Elizabeth Spray, Co-Producer
 Chicago 1989
Winner of 2 Emmys for Word Pictures with Mark Lewis

Category 5(a) Outstanding Achievements for Children's Programming: For a Series
Category 10(a) Outstanding Achievement for Individual Excellence:
For Performers Who Appear On Camera