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Welcome to the
Word Weaver Writers Workshop

Welcome to The Word Weaver Writers Workshop, designed to kick-start young writers' creativity and hone their writing skills.
Word Weaver makes it fun and easy to create an original fantasy story. Students just go to the Word Weaver's home page, click the appropriate K-5 grade-level button, and are transported to their own Story Loom page.

The Word Weaver Writers Workshop has been developed by Emmy Award winning storyteller and teacher Mark Lewis. He has teamed with Hewlett-Packard to bring this creative activity to the World Wide Web for students and teachers. Mark has been sharing his enthusiasm and his skills with students of all ages as well as professionals in the education and corporate communities for more than 17 years.

The Loom
This is the Story Loom! Here, story elements are magically created and woven together. Drawing on a database of stimulating, grade-appropriate words, Word Weaver's Story Loom suggests two Characters, gives each a defining Characteristic, and provides a Setting. And, since it's a fantasy story, a Magical Item is added to the mix. The student just clicks on a series of boxes and the elements appear - perhaps a Lazy Dragon and a Bashful Queen at a Cottage with a Magical Ring.

Special Note: Each time the student re-enters the Story Loom page, a new set of elements will be created; and, once created, the elements can't be changed. If the student doesn't understand any of the offered words, a mouse-click will conjure up the definition.

The student next travels to the Write Now page, where the elements just created on the Story Loom appear on the Writing Scroll, along with a series of blank lines. The student then prints this page and can complete the story anywhere. A Congratulations page pops up to thank the young writer for participating in the Word Weaver Writers Workshop.

Download the
You can enhance your students creativity with a set of printable, coordinated worksheets: Character Worksheets to aid in character development; a Setting Worksheet to help create a clearer picture of the story's setting; a Magical Item Worksheet encouraging the student to explore the attributes of the assigned magical item; and a Plot Worksheet to stimulate the writers to explore avenues to develop their stories. The worksheets can be used individually or as a set.

You'll also find a Word Weaver Diploma to reward your young writers for completing the activity. Just print the document and fill in the student's name.
We are always looking for new and interesting ways of using this tool. We encourage your feedback and questions. Just click here to send us an email message! We look forward to your comments!

Back to the Workshop!
Back to the Workshop!