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HP Digital Book Club

Welcome one and all to the
Word Weaver Writers Workshop!

I'm glad you want to know more about Word Weaver Writers Workshop.
Here's a short tour of what lies ahead:

Story Loom
This is the story Loom! With just a mouse-click, Word Weaver's Story Loom will create special words to help you weave the fabric for your story! What kinds of words? Read on!

People or creatures or objects the story is about - like a Dragon or a Queen or even a Ghost.

Words that say what your characters are like - maybe Cranky or Lazy or Silly or Bashful.

Where the story happens - could be a Castle, a Ship, a Cottage, or even a Hollow Log.

Magical Item
Anything that might create magic (remember, it's a fantasy story) - a Wand, a Ball, a Ring, a Coin.

The Loom gives you what you need to get started. It might say your story is about a Lazy Dragon and a Bashful Queen at a Cottage with a Magical Ring. Then you write the story in your own words. Remember: it's your story - you can add anything you can imagine.

Write Now!
When you travel here, you'll find a Writing Scroll with your words from the Story Loom and some blank lines to write on; just print the page and away you go.

Ready? Good. I can't wait to read your story! To get started, just click on back to the WorkShop below. Write On!