Mark Lewis is first and foremost a storyteller. His goal is to re-awaken the art of storytelling in the world of today and to re-introduce this world to it's imagination.

Mark is a master of "Old Wave Special Effects". His 25 years of professional experience have most recently won him two Emmy awards for his show Word Pictures from WTTW in Chicago and guest spots on The Tonight Show with Jay Lenno and the Vicki! show with Vicki Lawrence. He has performed all across the United States, Europe and the British Isles. He is also an actor with several films and national commercials to his credit as well as having been a featured performer on the CBS hit series Northern Exposure.

Mark is a published author with four books to his credit. He is the founding director of Laughing Moon Productions - a Creative Consultation Business whose clients include MCA/Universal, Disney Imagineering and Silicon Gaming Inc. He teaches writing, storytelling and creativity classes to students of all ages. His storytelling workshops have been hailed by professionals, librarians and by educators from kindergarten through college and beyond.

He wears many hats. Mark sings, composes music and plays the recorder. He is an Art Director for film and television and he spent a year in the Concepts Division for a major toy manufacturer.

Mark Lewis believes in the Imagination!