The Tea Kettle Who Thought he Was the Wind
An Allegorical Tale
Mark Lewis
©1992 Mark Lewis All Rights Reserved

  The wind outside was blowing a “Cup-of-Tea” afternoon.

  She filled the kettle with cold water; lighted the burner; set the kettle on the stove 
  and went to find her book.

   “Watch out for me!” clicked the Kettle, warming up.

  “Don’t get all stirred up!” spoke the Spoon.

  The Kettle wheezed and whistled, popped and clicked.

  “I am full of myself and I am hot!” he simmered.

  The Salt and Pepper began to shake.

  “Don’t worry…” spoke the Spoon.

  Aren’t you afraid?” steeped the Tea, infused with fear.

  “No,” smiled the Spoon. “I’ve been in hot water before!”

  “He’s being such a pain…” whispered the Window.

  “What was that?” hissed the Kettle.

  “Oh … nothing…!” replied the Curtains timidly, drawing back.

  The Kettle bubbled and rolled, louder and louder!”

  “Oh no …!” rattled the Teacup.

  “I’m right behind you, dear!” said the Saucer.

  And then, boasting and blustering at a full boil, the Kettle shouted, 

“I am stronger than the Wind!”

  He whistled and sputtered; seethed and steamed!

  “I’m frightened!” said the Sugar Bowl sweetly, covering her ears.

  The Creamer tried to separate himself.

  The Teapot ducked under her cozy.

  And then, the howling Kettle fogged the kitchen windows and laughed, 

“Ha - Ha - Ha!”

  The Wind, who had been listening, had heard enough.

  He blew open the kitchen windows, rattled about the pots and pans 
  and blew out the fire under the braggart.

  “Pipe down!” whistled the Wind.

  “He really burns me up!” said the Stove, turning off the gas to be safe.

  Red-faced, the Kettle cooled his heels.

“... Sorry …”

  Everyone in the kitchen cheered, 


  “What a bully!” scolded the milk.

  “Oh Spoon,” crooned the Dish. “Run away with me!”

  “Perhaps ... when the cow jumps over the moon.” replied the Spoon.

  And the moral of the story is:

Beware of being boastful 
when you’re simply 
full of hot air.
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