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Dirty Jack

Mark is known for his pirate characters with 26 years at the Renaissance Pleasure Faire playing Dirty Jack - Sir Francis Drake's First Mate. 

He has worked doing trade shows for Treasure Island at the Mirage in Las Vegas and hosted for Silicon Gaming in Casinos all over the country

Wells Fargo Commercial

This is Mark in the makeup chair when he played a Banker for Wells Fargo in a television commercial in 1986. I had shaved off my beard to get more work as an actor and the makeup people put a mustache on me with spirit gum!

Lands End Winter Catalog 1999
We shot this at Timberline Lodge on Mount Hood in August of 1999. 
It was 70 degrees and sunny. I was wearing short pants and this -70 degree parka. The ice is rock salt glued on with spirit gum a crystal at a time.
The icicles in my moustache are made from lip gloss.

Ho Ho Ho!
This was at a Christmas office party for a client of my father's. It was wonderful to see the unadulterated joy and love in the eyes of the kids when they saw Santa!

Clean Face Mark
People have wondered what I look like under my beard. Here is proof that there is a face in there. Actually it was just a face I was going through.
I made sure that my daughter (who was 5 at the time) was in the bathroom when I shaved off my beard. After I finished, her first comment was, "Do your hair!"

The Rooster
A good friend told me that she would give me this hat if I wore it when we went out to dinner together. 
"She don't know me very well, do she?"

The Capitano
"Do you know who I think I am? I am Il Capitano de Grosso Prosciuto de Porco
From Salami del Amore - a bawdy Commedia we did at The Rennaissance Pleasure Faire

I do a gig as a biker-bouncer at parties. It is way too much fun to play with the people and pretend to be bad.. 

Portland Bill
Here I am as an Old Sea-Dog froma awonderful children's event called The Taffy Festival. The prosthetic was a challenge to work in, but it made the character work.

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